Website Traffic Demystified

A website is very important these days. If you don’t have a website, how can people find out about you and know more about your business? All global information has moved online, and every business is known to have a website unless they want to run a huge risk. There are designers that create breathtaking designs, and there are copywriters who can churn out matchless phrases for your punch line. And yet, there is something even more important than having a website, as someone who runs a website will tell you- and that is web traffic.
Yes, traffic is the missing link between website and sales. Without the required traffic, a website is like a banner hanging on Mars: it doesn’t matter how good it is, because there is no one to see it. As such, we will discuss some strategies to improve the web traffic to your website, so that you can have more output from your marketing:

Target Market To many business owners, the internet is a vast playground of limitless customers, and they launch a product or service without having any set target/s. However, once you know that the people behind the veil of the internet have very human likes and dislikes, you understand the importance of targeting. Understand what segment of the market you are targeting and whether your message is compelling enough for them.

Content Quality One can have over a hundred experts fine-tuning various types of techniques for promoting and selling the website, but the basics remain the same: content. Bad content and explosive marketing can attract a lot of people for a day or two. On the other hand, if the content you are offering is of good quality, not only will these people keep coming back for more, but they will also recommend it to their friends. This will set in motion the powerful chain of word-of-mouth publicity.

Visual appeal There is so much crowding out there that no matter how good your content is if it is not presented well, there is little chance of it ever getting out of oblivion. The internet has evolved a lot, and thanks to technologies like Flash and QuickTime, a web page can be made far more engrossing than was earlier possible. Not taking advantage of this would be a serious mistake. You need to hire a good designer and make sure that the website has a stunning visual appeal. When combined with good content, this will ensure that you get full exposure to your services.

E-Mail Marketing Due to its extremely low cost, email is also used as a marketing medium. For this, you can either join certain internet groups and tell them about your product, or purchase email account databases from internet marketing research companies. They have separate email databases based on your requirements and charge a very moderate amount. All you need to do is to send them a promotional message. You are bound to get some replies, even though the ratio may be very low.

Social Media You can also use the popularity of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to promote your services. Unless you wish to compete for specific keywords and views, advertising on these platforms tends to be free of cost, which can be highly beneficial when done right.

Article Marketing You can put up some articles on your website, and have an SEO expert modify the website so that it shows up higher on search engine rankings. Thanks to recent developments in search engines, this has become very popular.

Affiliate Marketing In affiliate marketing, you tie up with other websites or affiliates and help promote each other. Link exchange forms an integral part of his marketing, but one needs to be careful about the ratio of inbound to outbound links, as a serious deviation from normality can be heavily penalized by search engines.

Adwords You can also compete in auctions and select the adword your service will represent on a particular day. This gets you noticed immediately, and directs more traffic flow to your website.
Use all these strategies to ensure that you get good traffic to your website, but do keep in mind that these things take a little time to show results.

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