Ways To Quickly Generate Marketing Leads

You’ve started your new business and now you need to find people who want to be a part of your team. It’s awesome and nerve-wracking at the same time, I know.

If you have exhausted your warm market, you need to move on to the more creative ways to generate leads. I have created a small list below to help you out!


This is usually the first place people turn to when trying to generate new leads. It’s easy to use and something you’re familiar with, so why not? It’s great, as long as you are using it the right way.

Don’t go on Facebook and spam everyone you know with your new opportunity. Instead, try to build stronger relationships and become more active on your social media outlets and search out problems.

From those problems, generate a conversation but don’t be that pushy sales lady that will annoy them. Instead, offer your friend an example instead of a solution.

My friend Jenny lost 18 lbs in her first month on Plexus Slim. sounds so much better than that, I sell Plexus Slim and it can help you lose weight!

In both scenarios you’re giving her the same information, Plexus Slim helps you lose weight. But the first scenario lets her know it works while scenario 2 lets her know you want her money. Yes, she will learn that you sell it shortly after, but first impressions are lasting impressions.


Paid advertising is tricky if you’re not experienced. My two favorite Paid Advertising programs are Google Adwords and Facebook Ads. Be sure to familiarize yourself with online advertising and follow their guidelines. Also, start small. You don’t want to throw away a ton of money because of inexperience.


This is one of my personal favorites! By creating your own personal website, you can control how much traffic you receive and how many leads you generate. How?

Well, the more popular your site becomes, the more people search engines link Google will drive to your sales page. You can start creating your own site for only $3.96 a month with Host Gator.

Linking your website to an email auto-responder can help dramatically by sending visitors through a sales funnel.


Bandit signs are those yellow signs you see all over town on the street corners and when you exit highways. You know, we buy ugly houses signs.

Yeah, some people think they are tacky, but they are cheap and effective. Link those signs to a Google Voice phone number set to voice mail and you will generate leads on autopilot.


What I mean by canvassing your area is create flyers, post them, grab business cards, and hit the streets. Gas stations and non-franchised stores usually allow you to put out business cards, while many other businesses have job posting boards where you can hang your opportunity flyers.


Using craigslist can be extremely effective if used right. You want to place 5-10 ads every 1-2 days and do your best to abide by their rules, otherwise, your email address might be banned. If it is, create a new one and get back to work. Oh, and make sure you’re directing the leads to your Google Voice number.


Meetups are groups in your local area that gather regularly to hang out and discuss specific topics with like-minded people. These topics include: Home-based businesses, marketing, entrepreneurship, MLM

Catch my drift? It’s a great resource, so find some groups, venture out and meet up. You can track down these groups at meetup.com.

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