The Three Great Reasons To Work At Facebook

Whether you’re an application developer, website designer, marketing guru, or designer there are many excellent reasons to make your next career move a job at the worlds leading technology company: Facebook. While it’s common for an expert developer, DBA, tech writer, or Online marketing professional to consider employment with Facebook on the basis of salary, the capability to make a lot of money is just one of the reasons why software engineering professionals consider Facebook not just a top workplace, but probably the greatest employment opportunities to work on Web 2.0 applications.

The nature of human connections is changing fast, and in the world wide web 2.0 world, social networks are at the heart of this. As the world’s largest social networking company, Facebook is changing not only the way that people get in touch with each other, but also the way information and facts are disseminated, revolutions are fought, business is conducted, and technology is evolving. Never has one company been this type of catalyst for change in the way in which information flows, and its influence is going to be felt around the world.

Here are 3 of the Reasons why Facebook careers are the best career opportunities in the tech sector:


If you are employed at Facebook as a developer, you’re picking a career with the world’s largest social network. Facebook has more than 750 million active users who spend more than 700 billion minutes a month on In such a type of work, few other positions offer any similarity in the ability to reach an international audience. There’s not any other job that offers the same thought leadership or means of influencing users of the web on this sort of massive scale.

Financial Potential

With Facebook IPO getting ever closer, there’s never been a greater chance for developers to advance their careers and earn a lot of money while doing so. It doesn’t require a degree in business management to understand why receiving the opportunity to take part in one of the greatest technology successes is definitely the opportunity of a lifetime.

Wish to live the hacker dream? The Facebook workplace is one of the very best in the entire world, where experts in subjects including database management to SEO and SEM to Internet security to graphic design to programming work together in a fast-paced, exciting environment to build bleeding-edge Web 2.0 applications for the worlds leading web site. From all-night hack-a-thons to an environment that fosters and rewards innovation at every turn, the social network giant is a developer’s dream, which explains why hundreds of thousands of software and marketing experts apply each and every year to get a tiny number of jobs.

If you’re attempting to study more about tips on how to land a career at Facebook, this blog can offer information for successfully landing a position with the Web 2.0 giant.

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