Before Marketing a Chiropractic Blog, Read This

Blogging can be extremely useful to any businessperson, especially to chiropractors. But to get the full effect, DC’s need to choose the right type of blog. In doing so, they’ll be able to drive traffic to their site, create links to new clients and continue to expand their reach in their local area. Here are some important considerations when deciding on what your chiropractic blog should feature and how it should function.

Connected to Other Chiropractors

There are blogs connected with services or organizations that are focused on a specific business or service. Often these types of blogs are for businesses in specific geographic areas and each member has their own local region they’re serving.

Those who are part of this service can then comment on member blogs, write reviews and share information in an effort to support one another, helping one another grow. Ensuring that your blog is connected to other non-competing chiropractors will give you a support network, make you look more professional, and allow you to garner insights you might not have on your own.

Utilizes Video

A chiropractic blog that uses or connects with video is also preferred. Video has numerous purposes. It allows potential clients to “meet” you over the Internet and it enables you to give those who visit your blog helpful information on health, wellness, diet, exercise, and other areas of interest. All of this will raise your search engine ratings, which will, in turn, generate even more traffic through your chiropractic marketing.

Connected to Your Facebook Fan Page

Using an RSS feed to connect your blog updates to your Facebook Fan Page will also drive more traffic your way while making sure that you are staying in touch with those who are linked to you via Facebook. This symbiotic relationship between your blog and Facebook will help your exposure and website traffic dramatically increase.

Utilizes the “Tweet” Button to Send Posts to Twitter

Blogs that are connected to Twitter can instantly inform those who follow you on Twitter that you have updated your blog. Other alerts can be sent via Twitter also, letting people know about new services, products, and personnel. It’s important for you to have a blog that is linked to this social networking site.

Keep the Content Fresh

Along with everything already mentioned, it is very important that you keep your content fresh, updating it often. Daily updates that are search engine optimized are preferred as these will go a long way in verifying that your blog is providing visitors with useful information, which is what search engines crave.

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