Albuquerque Internet Marketing – Using Social Media in the Duke City

What the heck is social media and how does it affect you as a local Albuquerque business owner? I believe the game of social media is misrepresented. Many expert consultants and gurus say it is about the number of followers. I disagree. It is not about the number of followers it is about the number of listeners. If you have 10,000 followers but no one listens to what you have to say it will not make a difference. Yet if you have only 100 followers but they are raving fans and listen to what you have to say they are valuable.

Social media is just a new way of creating relationships. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, Flicker, LinkedIn, and Myspace are all just tools. These are tools to help you build relationships. I was raised that when you are meeting someone you extend your hand and offer a firm shake. You look the person in the eye, smile, and say nice to meet you.

The relationship that is started with a handshake only continues if you have something to offer to the other person. This is the same with social media. The platform has changed, however, the actions have not. Using the above-mentioned tools allows you to communicate with more people fast than ever before. However, the message still must be valuable.

As a local business owner in Albuquerque using social media as part of your internet marketing strategy is very smart. However, it is important to not loose site of why you are using social media strategies. The reason you should be using social media tools is to create a deeper relationship with your customers. People want to do business with friends. Using social media is a great way to form friendships with your customers.

The next step in effective social media marketing is to listen to your customers. They are willing to listen to you so you should reciprocate. Remember you are building friendships with your customers. It is important that you as an Albuquerque business owner open up as well. The message across the social media tools should not be all about brand building. The message needs to include some personal stuff too. You want your customers to form a relationship with you and not your brand.

If you use social media as it is intended to be used by listening to your customers and answering their questions or concerns you will be wildly successful. Don’t be afraid to disagree with your customers on stuff either. Social media is a conversation tool. It is OK to have a debate. This shows people you are real and that you believe in your product or service enough that even if you disagree you expect that people will do business with you.

The game has changed and the use of social media tools by Albuquerque business owners is a must. It is time to open up and be as transparent as possible with your customers. Social media is a great way to increase business and stimulate word-of-mouth marketing that so many businesses want.

Follow these tips and you will be well on your way to creating a community of people that want to do business with you. Remember people want to do business with friends. To extend your hand, shake firmly, and look the person in the eye…Then ask them to follow you on your social media sites.

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